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Dorsai - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1988
Wolf and Iron - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1989


Author Gordon Dickson

Gordon Rupert Dickson was born on November 1, 1923, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and he went on to become a highly influential and prolific science fiction and fantasy writer. His literary career spanned several decades, during which he crafted a diverse body of work that earned him recognition and awards within the speculative fiction community. Dickson's early life was marked by his passion for literature and storytelling. He served in the Canadian Army during World War II and later attended the University of Minnesota, where he studied English and philosophy. His academic pursuits laid the foundation for a career that would blend intellectual exploration with imaginative storytelling.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Dickson emerged as a prominent figure in the science fiction genre. He gained widespread acclaim for his contributions to the Dorsai! series, which explored the evolution of a warrior culture over centuries. The first book in the series, Dorsai! (1959), established Dickson as a writer capable of weaving intricate tales that delved into the complexities of human nature, power, and conflict. Throughout his career, Gordon Dickson exhibited versatility by writing in various subgenres, including hard science fiction, fantasy, and space opera. His ability to create compelling characters and explore social and ethical themes resonated with readers. In 1970, he received the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Soldier, Ask Not, and he was later awarded the Nebula Grand Master Award in 2000 in recognition of his significant contributions to the field.

Beyond his solo works, Dickson collaborated with other notable authors, including Poul Anderson and Harry Harrison. His commitment to the speculative fiction community extended to his involvement in organizations like the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), where he served as president. Gordon Dickson continued to write and contribute to the genre until his passing on January 31, 2001, leaving behind a rich and enduring legacy. His works continue to captivate readers, and his influence can be seen in the works of subsequent generations of science fiction and fantasy writers who have been inspired by his imaginative storytelling and thought-provoking themes.


Dorsai - Childe Cycle Series Book 1

aka The Genetic General
Throughout the Fourteen Worlds of humanity, no race is as feared and respected as the Dorsai. The ultimate warriors, they are known for their deadly rages, unbreakable honor, and fierce independence. No man rules the Dorsai, but their mastery of the art of war has made them the most valuable mercenaries in the known universe.

Wolf and Iron

After the collapse of civilization, when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags, when every man's hand is raised against another, and only the strong survive.
"Jeebee" Walther was a scientist, a student of human behavior, who saw the Collapse of the world economy coming, but could do nothing to stop it. Now he must make his way across a violent and lawless America, in search of a refuge where he can keep the spark of knowledge alive in the coming Dark Age. He could never make it on his own, but he has found a companion who can teach him how to survive on instinct and will. Jeebee has been adopted by a great Gray Wolf.

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