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March - Signed limited edition as part of The 2006 Pulitzer Prize Winners set - 2006


Author Geraldine Brooks

Geraldine Brooks, born on September 14, 1955, in Sydney, Australia, is an acclaimed Australian-American author and journalist. Her career has been marked by a deep commitment to storytelling, blending elements of historical fiction with keen journalistic insight. Brooks has received numerous awards for her works, which often explore themes of history, culture, and the human experience. After completing her education at the University of Sydney, Brooks embarked on a successful career in journalism. She worked for various prominent publications, including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Wall Street Journal. Her experiences as a journalist, covering stories from around the world, contributed to her understanding of different cultures and historical events.

Geraldine Brooks made a significant transition from journalism to fiction writing. Her first novel, Year of Wonders (2001), is a historical novel set during the time of the Black Death in England. The novel reflects her ability to weave meticulous research into compelling narratives, a skill she has continued to demonstrate in her subsequent works. One of Brooks' most celebrated novels is March (2005), which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. March is a reimagining of the absent father from Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" and explores the impact of the American Civil War on an idealistic and conflicted chaplain. Her novel People of the Book (2008) takes readers on a historical journey through centuries, tracing the fate of a rare illuminated manuscript. The narrative spans different time periods and locations, showcasing Brooks' talent for intricate storytelling. In Caleb's Crossing (2011), Brooks delves into the historical encounter between the English settlers and the Native American Wampanoag people in 17th-century America, exploring themes of cultural clash and the pursuit of knowledge.

Geraldine Brooks' literary contributions have earned her not only critical acclaim but also a devoted readership. Her novels reflect a deep engagement with historical events, a commitment to accurate and immersive storytelling, and a profound understanding of the human condition. Beyond her fiction writing, Brooks has also contributed essays and articles to various publications, showcasing her continued involvement in journalism. Her ability to bridge the worlds of journalism and historical fiction has solidified her place as a versatile and influential figure in the world of literature.


March - A Novel

From the author of the acclaimed Year of Wonders, a historical novel and love story set during a time of catastrophe, on the front lines of the American Civil War. Acclaimed author Geraldine Brooks gives us the story of the absent father from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and conjures a world of brutality, stubborn courage and transcendent love. An idealistic abolitionist, March has gone as chaplain to serve the Union cause. But the war tests his faith not only in the Union which is also capable of barbarism and racism but in himself. As he recovers from a near-fatal illness, March must reassemble and reconnect with his family, who have no idea of what he has endured. A love story set in a time of catastrophe, March explores the passions between a man and a woman, the tenderness of parent and child, and the life-changing power of an ardently held belief.

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