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Easton Press George Berkeley books:
Selected Writings of George Berkeley - Library of The Great Philosophers
Works of George Berkeley - Harvard Classics - 1993

Franklin Library George Berkeley books:
Works of George Berkeley, John Locke and David Hume - Great Books of the Western World - 1984

George Berkeley biography 

George Berkeley (also known as Bishop Berkeley) was an Irish Philosopher who is best known for putting forward the idea of subjective idealism. "A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" is one of Berkeley's best known works and in it Berkeley expounds upon this idea of subjective idealism, which in other words is the idea that all of reality, as far as humans are concerned, is simply a construct of the way our brains perceive and according to Berkeley no other sense of reality matters beyond that which we perceive.

One of the greatest British philosophers, Berkeley was the founder of the influential doctrine of Immaterialism the belief that there is no reality outside the mind, and that the existence of material objects depends upon their being perceived. The Principles of Human Knowledge eloquently outlines this philosophical concept, and argues forcefully that the world consists purely of finite minds and ideas, and of an infinite spirit, God. A denial of all non-spiritual reality, Berkeley's theory was at first heavily criticized by his contemporaries, who feared its ideas would lead to scepticism and atheism. The Three Dialogues provide a powerful response to these fears.

George Berkeley's most important philosophical works contains Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision; Principles of Human Knowledge; Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous; Theory of Vision Vindicated and Explained; De Motu (in translation); Philosophical Correspondence between Berkeley and Samuel Johnson, 1729-30; and Philosophical Commentaries.

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