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The Finishing School - signed first edition - 1984
Father Melancholy's Daughter - signed first edition - 1991

Writer Gail Godwin

Gail Godwin, born on June 18, 1937, in Birmingham, Alabama, is an American novelist and short story writer known for her evocative storytelling and keen exploration of complex human relationships. Throughout her prolific career, Godwin has crafted a body of work that delves into themes of love, identity, and the intricacies of the human experience. Godwin grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and early on, she displayed a deep love for literature and writing. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she pursued further studies at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop.

Her literary career began with the publication of her first novel, The Perfectionists, in 1970. However, it was her third novel, A Mother and Two Daughters (1982), that brought her widespread recognition. This novel explored the dynamics between mothers and daughters, a recurring theme in Godwin's work, and established her as a writer with a keen understanding of familial relationships. Gail Godwin's novels often feature rich character development and nuanced exploration of psychological and emotional landscapes. A Southern Family (1987) and Father Melancholy's Daughter (1991) further solidified her reputation as a writer capable of capturing the complexities of family life. A Mother and Two Daughters and Father Melancholy's Daughter were both nominated for the National Book Award. Her novel Evensong (1999) marked the beginning of a trilogy, followed by The Good Husband (1994) and Father Melancholy's Daughter, that continued to delve into themes of love, loss, and the search for meaning. These novels showcased Godwin's narrative versatility and her ability to explore various perspectives and voices.

In addition to her novels, Gail Godwin has published short stories, essays, and a memoir titled Publishing: A Writer's Memoir (1991), where she reflects on her experiences in the literary world. Throughout her career, Godwin has received numerous awards and honors, including the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Gail Godwin's literary contributions extend beyond her own works; she has also been a mentor and teacher, sharing her insights with aspiring writers. Her ability to capture the complexities of human relationships and her dedication to the craft of writing have left a lasting impact on the world of American literature.

Franklin Library The Finishing School

The Finishing School

Justin Stokes would never forget the summer she turned fourteen, nor the woman who transformed her bleak adolescent life into a wondrous place of brilliant color. In the little pondside hut also known as the “finishing school,” eccentric, free-spirited Ursula DeVane opened up a world full of magical possibilities for Justin, teaching her valuable lessons of love and loyalty, and encouraging her to change, to learn, to grow. But the lessons of the finishing school have their dark side as well, as Justin learns how deep friendship can be shattered by shocking, unforgivable betrayal.

Gail Godwin signed

Father Melancholy's Daughter

The novels of Gail Godwin are contemporary classics evocative, powerfully affecting, beautifully crafted fiction alive with endearing, unforgettable characters. Her critically acclaimed work has placed her among the ranks of Eudora Welty, Pat Conroy, and Carson McCullers, firmly establishing Godwin as a Southern literary novelist for the ages.

Father Melancholy's Daughter, is widely recognized as one of the author's most poignant and accomplished novels a bittersweet and ultimately transcendent story of a young girl's devotion to her father, the rector of a small Virginia church, and of the hope, dreams, and love that sustain them both in the wake of the betrayal and tragedy that diminished their family.

Years after her mother abandoned six-year-old Margaret Gower and her deeply religious father, the now-grown Margaret questions the past and looks forward to her future. By the author of A Mother and Two Daughters.

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