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Fredric Brown, born on October 29, 1906, in Cincinnati, Ohio, was an American author known for his contributions to various genres, including science fiction, mystery, and fantasy. Brown's writing style was characterized by wit, brevity, and a unique blend of genres, making him a distinctive voice in mid-20th-century American literature. Brown's literary career began in the 1930s, and he initially wrote for pulp magazines, where he honed his skills in crafting engaging and imaginative stories. His versatility as a writer allowed him to explore different genres, and he became known for his ability to infuse humor, suspense, and thought-provoking ideas into his works.

One of Brown's notable contributions is his impact on science fiction literature. He penned numerous short stories and novels that left a lasting mark on the genre. His science fiction often delved into unconventional ideas and explored the boundaries of speculative fiction. Arena (1944), a short story that involves a battle between humans and an alien species, is particularly well-known and has been adapted for various media. In addition to science fiction, Brown achieved acclaim for his mystery and detective fiction. He wrote a series of novels featuring Ed and Am Hunter, private investigators, and created memorable characters such as the detective Al Wheeler. His mystery novels, including The Fabulous Clipjoint (1947), earned him an Edgar Award.

Fredric Brown's writing was characterized by a concise and economical style, and he was a master of the short story form. His ability to convey complex ideas with brevity made his work accessible to a wide range of readers. Beyond genre fiction, Brown also wrote mainstream novels, historical fiction, and even collaborated on screenplays. His influence extended beyond his lifetime, and his work continued to be appreciated by readers and later generations of writers.

Fredric Brown passed away on March 11, 1972, but his legacy endures through his contributions to multiple literary genres. His impact on science fiction, in particular, has solidified his place as a significant figure in the history of speculative literature.


What Mad Universe

The editor of a sci-fi pulp magazine is accidentally transported to a parallel universe where space travel is common, Earth is at war with creepy aliens, New York City isn't safe after dark, and his girlfriend is with someone else. Regularly appears on "Greatest science fiction" lists.

Pulp SF magazine editor Keith Winton was answering a letter from a teenage fan when the first moon rocket fell back to Earth and blew him away.

But where to? Greenville, New York, looked the same, but Bems (Bug-Eyed Monsters) just like the ones on the cover of Startling Stories walked the streets without attracting undue comment.

And when he brought out a half-dollar coin in a drugstore, the cops wanted to shoot him on sight as an Arcturian spy.

Wait a minute. Seven-foot purple moon-monsters? Earth at war with Arcturus? General Dwight D. Eisenhower in command of Venus Sector?

What mad universe was this?

One thing was for Keith Winton had to find out fast or he'd be good and dead, in this universe or any other.

He was in a new world...
A new world of space-ships and interplanetary wars. A violent, hurtling world he was never meant to see - and one he longed to escape.

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