Palladium Press Firearms Classics Library

Discover leather bound firearms books published as part of the Palladium Press Firearms Classics Library. The Odysseus Editions Firearms Classics Library began in 1995 and the publisher's name later changed to Palladium Press.

You’ll turn to this Library time and again. They’re all here: the development of the Colt Rifle... the incomparable, incredibly accurate Sharps that set a new standard of accuracy... the breakthrough Henry, the rifle so many soldiers credit with turning the tide of the Civil War ... the legendary Winchester, Oliver Winchester’s immortal rifle so popular with pioneers of the American West... Of course there’s the Remington Rifle, and also the Jenks, Eliphalet Remington's first breech-loader. Here is the Marlin, here is the Mossberg ... here are African rifles, shotguns, firearms of the Union and the Confederacy. And here is the Colt Revovler, a complete and fascinating story.
There never has been a Library like this. There never may be again.

•Each magnificent book is custom-bound in fine leather.
•Each page is edged in gold.
•Printed on acid-free parchment-like paper, to defy time.
•Sewn, not glued, to be perfect for generations.
•Bindings are enhanced with pure 22-karat gold.
•Expensive "hubbed" spines.
•Fine silk moire endpapers.

Guns of the Old West by Charles Edward Chapel - 1995
The Gun and it's Development by W. W. Greener - 1995
Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers by Major General Julian S. Hatcher - 1995
Shotguns by Keith by Elmer Keith - 1995
The Rifle in America by Philip B. Sharpe - 1995
African Rifles and Cartridges by John Taylor - 1995
A History of the Colt Revolver by Frank A. Belden & Charles T. Haven - 1996
Gunsmithing by Roy F. Dunlap - 1996
Firearms of the Confederacy by Claud E. Fuller & Richard Stewart - 1996
Hatcher's Notebook by Major General Julian S. Hatcher - 1996
Sixguns and Bullseyes and Automatic Pistols by William Reichenbach - 1996
The Muzzle Loading Cap Lock Rifle by Ned H. Roberts - 1996
Firearms Curiosa by Lewis Winant - 1996
The Book of the Springfield by Edward C. Crossman - 1997
The Bullet's Flight by F. W. Mann - 1997
Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry and Walter F. Roper - 1997
Pistols and Revolvers by Walter H. B. Smith - 2 volumes - 1997
Rifles by Walter H. B. Smith - 2 volumes - 1997
Gun Collecting by Charles Edward Chapel - 1998
Military Sporting and Rifle Shooting by Edward C. Crossman - 1998
The Kentucky Rifles by Captain John G. W. Dillin - 1998
Ordnance Went up Front by Roy F. Dunlap - 1998
Textbook of Firearms Investigation, Identification and Evidence by Major Julian S. Hatcher - 1998
Big Game Rifles and Cartridges and Sixgun Cartridges and Loads by Elmer Keith - 1998
English Pistols and Revolvers by J. N. George - 1999
English Guns and Rifles by J. N. George - 1999
.22 Caliber Rifle Shooting by C. S. Landis - 1999
Walther Pistols and Mauser Rifles by Walter H. B. Smith - 1999
The Hunting Rifle by Colonel Townsend Whelen - 1999
Textbook of Automatic Pistols by R. K. Wilson - 1999
The American Shotgun by Charles Askins - 2000
A Rifleman Went to War by Herbert W. McBride - 2000
Our Rifles, Firearms in American History by Charles Winthrop Sawyer - 3 volumes - 2000
Small Arms Design and Ballistics by Colonel Townsend Whelen - 2 volumes - 2000
The Art of Handgun Shooting by Charles Askins - 2001
Rifles and Rifle Shooting by Charles Askins - 2001
The Muzzle Loading Rifle Then and Now by Walter Cline - 2001
Keith's Rifles for Large Game by Elmer Keith - 2001
Mannlicher Rifle and Pistols by Walter H. B. Smith - 2001
Pepperbox Firearms by Lewis Winant - 2001
Modern Gunsmithing by Clyde Baker - 2002
The Identification of Firearms and Forensic Ballistics by Gerald Burrard - 2002
Shots Fired in Anger by Lt. Colonel John B. George - 2002
Modern American Pistols and Revolvers by A. C. Gould - 2002
Modern American Rifles by A. C. Gould - 2002
With British Snipers to the Reich by Clifford Shore - 2002
Small Bore Rifle Shooting by Edward C. Crossman - 2003
Triggernometry by Eugene Cunningham - 2003
Common Sense Shotgun Shooting by Fred Etchen - 2003
Pistol and Revolver Shooting by A. L. A. Himmelwright - 2003
Twenty-two (.22) Caliber Varment Rifle by Charles S. Landis - 2003
Handloader's Manual by Earl Naramore - 2003
The Amateur Guncraftsman by James Virgil Howe - 2004
Sporting Firearms and The Hawken Rifle: Rifles for Big Game, and The Hunting Rifle by Horace Kephart - 2004
Riflecraft and the Shooter's Guide by Charles Singer Landis - 2004
Practical Dope on The .22 by F. C. Ness - 2004
Practical Dope on The Big Bores by F. C. Ness - 2004
The American Rifle by Townsend Whelen - 2004
The Modern Pistol by Walter Winans - 2004
Modern Shotguns and Loads by Charles Askins - 2005
Rifles and Machine Guns by Captain Melvin M. Johnson - 2005
Book of Pistols and Revolvers by Hugh B.C. Pollard - 2005
Experiments of a Handgunner by Walter F. Roper - 2005
Telescopic Rifle Sights by Townsend Whelen - 2005
Deane's Manual of Firearms by Deane Brothers - 2006
Rimfire Rifleman by Edward Brown - 2006
Sporting Rifles and Rifle Shooting by John Caswell - 2006
The Book of the Garand by Julian S. Hatcher - 2006
Modern Rifle Shooting from the American Standpoint by W. G. Hudson - 2006
A History of Firearms by Hugh B.C. Pollard - 2006
From Flint Lock to M1 by Joseph W. Shields, Jr. - 2006
Truesdell's The Rifle by S. R. Truesdell - 2006
Suggestions to Military Riflemen by Lieutenant Townsend Whelen - 2006
Ultimate in Rifle Precision by Colonel Townsend Whelen -2006
Why Not Load Your Own! by Colonel Townsend Whelen - 2006
The Rifle and How to Use It by Hans Busk - 2007
Instructions to Young Marksmen, How I Became a Crack Shot by Chapman and Farrow - 2007
Wing and Trap Shooting by Charles Askins - 2008
Guns and Gunning by Captain Paul A. Curtis - 2008
A Forgotten Heritage by Harry P. Davis - 2008
Elementary Gunsmithing by Perry D. Frazer - 2008
The Wilderness Hunter by President Theodore Roosevelt - 2008
Hints to Riflemen by H. W. S. Cleveland - 2009
Mastering the Rifle, Pistol and Revolver by Morris Fisher - 2009
For Permanent Victory by Melvin M Johnson, Jr and Charles T Haven - 2009
The Art of Shooting by H. St. John Halford - 2009
Rifles and Shotguns by Warren H. Miller - 2009
Pistols and Revolver Shooting by Walter F. Roper - 2009
America Breech Loading by Charles B. Norton - 2010
Sniping in France by Major H. Hesketh-Prichard - 2010
Purdey Shotgun by Purdey, T. D. S. and Capt. J. A. Purdey - 2010
Sport and Travel, East and West by Frederick Courteney Selous - 2010
Complete Guide to Handloading Parts by Philip B. Sharpe - 3 volumes - 2010
War-Path and Bivouac by John Frederick Finerty - 2011
American Pistol Shooting by Major William D. Frazer - 2011
United States Martial Pistols and Revolvers by Arcadi Gluckman - 2011
The Identification of Firearms by Jack Disbrow Gunther and Charles O. Gunther - 2011
The Gunsmith's Manual by J.P. Steele and Wm B Harrison - 2011
Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting by Ed McGivern - 2011
The Crack Shot by Edward C. Barber - 2012
The Complete Guide to Gunsmithing by Charles Edward Chapel - 2012
Automatic Arms by Melvin M. Johnson, Jr. and Charles T. Haven - 2012
What the Citizen Should Know About Our Arms and Weapons by James E Hicks and Andre Jandot - 2012
Small Wars Manual by U.S. Marine Corps - 2 volumes - 2012
Fieldcraft, Sniping and Intelligence by Nevill A. D. Armstrong - 2013
Weapons of World War II by G. M. Barnes - 2013
Sporting Firearms of Today in Use by Paul A. Curtis, Jr. - 2013
Gunsmithing Simplified by Harold E. Macfarland - 2013
Fieldcraft, Sniping and Intelligence by Major Nevill A.D. Armstrong - 2014
The Luger Pistol (Pistole Parabellum) by Fred A. Datig - 2014
Practical Manual of Guns by Maurice H. Decker - 2014
Gun Care and Repair by Charles Edward Chapel - 2014
Our Arms and Weapons by James E. Hicks - 2014

A spectacular collection of famous (and often hard to find) firearms classics that every thinking American should display with pride. Each volume is an exact facsimile of the original edition, custom bound in imported bonded leather.


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