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Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-61) was a British poet who was born in Coxhoe Hall, Durham, and privately educated. While still a child she wrote an epic on The Battle of Marathon which her father, a wealthy land owner, had privately printed. In 1826 her An Essay on Mind and Other Poems appeared in 1833, and five years later The Seraphim and Other Poems, in which Browning endeavored to express Christian sentiments in the artistic form of a tragic Greek tragedy. For nearly a decade after 1838 her life was that of an invalid, as a result of a childhood spinal injury and a later lung ailment, but Browning continued her literary activity, and in 1844 wrote a volume of poems including the long narrative poems The Cry of the Children and Lady Geraldine’s Courtship; the later won instant popularity in both England and the United States. In 1846 she married the British poet Robert Browning, being "taken from her couch to the alter", and settled in Florence, Italy, where she lived until her death. Her Sonnets from the Portuguese, written in secret before her marriage, were published, in 1847, under the title Sonnets by E.B.B. In 1850 they appeared under their original title. The Sonnets are generally considered by critics to be Elizabeth Barrett Browning's best work, and have become one of the most widely known collections of love lyrics in the English language. In Florence, Elizabeth Barrett Browning became intensely sympathetic with the struggle for the independence and unification of Italy, and expressed her feelings in the collection of poems Casc Guidi Windows (1851) and Poems Before Congress (1860). Her longest and most ambitious work is the didactic, romantic poem in blank verse Aurora Leigh (1856). Her husband arranged for the posthumous publication of her Last Poems in 1862.

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