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Easton Press Edgar Lee Masters books:
Spoon River Anthology - 1992

Franklin Library Edgar Lee Masters books:
Spoon River Anthology - 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature - 1983

Edgar Lee Masters (1869-1950) was a American author who was in Garnett Kansas, and attended Knox College in Galesburg Illinois. Edgar Lee Masters was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1891 and was a practicing attorney in Chicago until 1920. Before gaining fame in American Literature, Edgar Lee Masters wrote a number of plays and A Book of Verses (1898). The book which earned him popularity as an American writer was A Spoon River Anthology (1915), which was written as a series of revelations of the secret lives of people in a small Midwestern town supposedly made by them after death. In contrast to popular American Literature of the time A Spoon River Anthology displays irony and realism. A Spoon River Anthology remains an important example of a rejection of the social standards that flourished in American society during the first and second decades of the 20Th century. Through out his writing career, Edgar Lee Masters wrote many books including books of poems, biographies, and novels. Among the other books by Edgar Lee Masters are Songs and Satires (1916), Domesday Book (1920), Mitch Miller (1920), Children of the Market Place (1922), Skeeters Kirby (1923), The New Spoon River (1924), Vachel Lindsay a Biography (1935), Poems of People (1936), Whitman a biography (1937), The New World (1937), Mark Twain a Biography (1938), More People (1939), Illinois Poems (1941), and Along the Illinois (1942).

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