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Dick Francis

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Author Dick Francis Biography

Dick Francis (1920–2010) was a renowned British author and former champion jockey, celebrated for his prolific contributions to the genre of mystery and thriller novels set in the world of horse racing. Born Richard Stanley Francis on October 31, 1920, in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, Wales, Francis had a remarkable career that spanned both the racetrack and the literary world. Francis began his journey as a jockey in the 1940s and quickly rose to prominence. He became the champion National Hunt jockey of Great Britain in the 1953-1954 season. His riding career included notable victories, and he rode for the prominent racehorse owner, the Queen Mother.

After retiring from professional racing due to injury in 1957, Francis transitioned to a second career as a writer. His debut novel, Dead Cert, was published in 1962 and marked the beginning of a successful and enduring literary career. The novel, like many of Francis's subsequent works, combined his intimate knowledge of the racing world with suspenseful and well-crafted mystery plots. Dick Francis's novels often featured protagonists with a background in horse racing, such as jockeys, trainers, or racing journalists. His writing was characterized by meticulous research, attention to detail, and a keen sense of suspense. Many of his books became bestsellers, earning him a dedicated global readership. Some of Francis's most popular novels include Forfeit (1969), Whip Hand (1979), and Break In (1985). Themes of danger, intrigue, and the intricate world of horse racing were consistent elements in his works. His storytelling was noted for its authenticity, as he drew upon his own experiences in the racing industry to create compelling and realistic narratives.

Dick Francis received numerous awards for his contributions to the mystery genre, including the Crime Writers' Association's Cartier Diamond Dagger for outstanding achievement in the field of crime writing. His novels were translated into multiple languages, and he enjoyed international success throughout his career. Dick Francis continued writing well into his later years, often collaborating with his son Felix Francis on some of his later works. He passed away on February 14, 2010, in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Despite his departure, his legacy endures, and his novels remain beloved by readers who appreciate the blend of horseracing excitement and gripping mystery that defined his unique literary style.


Dead Cert

Dick Francis, the bestselling master of mystery and suspense, takes you into the thrilling world of horse racing

Steeplechaser Alan York knows well the dangers of the sport. But when his best friend and rival Bill Davidson takes a fall in the middle of a race and doesn’t get up again, Alan discovers it was no accident. Someone rigged a tripwire to take down the running horse.

The more Alan investigates, the more he suspects that there is more to the plot than just murderous horseplay.  But even as he approaches the finish line to this mysterious race, those responsible for his friend’s death are already planning for Alan to have a mysterious accident of his own...

Originally published in 1962, "Dead Cert" was the first of the bestselling thrillers which have made Dick Francis one of the most popular and successful writers in the world. "Dead Cert" is about Alan York, an amateur jockey, who finds himself tangling dangerously with a ruthless gang of crooks. A pretty girl, an intelligent child, a fuel on a horseback and a manhunt across the Sussex countryside are some of the ingredients in this gripping thriller about the shady side of the racing world. The background is superbly authentic and the pace would not shame a two-mile hurdle race.

As jockey Alan York looked at the back of Bill Davidson astride the great horse Admiral, one thing was different. Before his rival reached the last hurdle, he was dead. Alan knew racing was dangerous; he also knew Bill's death was no accident. It was the kind of knowledge that could get a man killled....

Blood Sport

English agent Gene Hawkins is restlessly facing three weeks of vacation with only his tormented past for company. So when his boss asks him to help millionaire Dave Teller locate a prized missing stallion, he accepts. But he gets more action than he bargained for when he draws the affection of his boss' beautiful teenage daughter, advances from Teller's socialite wife, and the deadly attention of the horse thieves, who would be happy to put Hawkins out to pasture...permanently.

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