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Memoirs of David Rockefeller - signed first edition - 2002

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David Rockefeller, scion of one of America's most influential families, was born on June 12, 1915, in New York City. As the youngest of six children of John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, he grew up immersed in wealth and privilege, but also under the weighty expectations associated with his family's legacy.From an early age, David displayed a keen intellect and a passion for finance and economics. After graduating from Harvard University in 1936, he went on to pursue a career in banking, joining the Chase National Bank, which later became Chase Manhattan Bank. Over the years, David ascended through the ranks of the banking world, eventually becoming chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1969, a position he held until 1981.

David Rockefeller's influence extended far beyond the boardroom. He was deeply involved in international affairs and diplomacy, serving as an advisor to several U.S. presidents on matters of foreign policy and economic development. His extensive network of contacts, cultivated through years of business and philanthropy, made him a respected figure on the global stage. In addition to his banking and diplomatic endeavors, David Rockefeller was a dedicated philanthropist. He contributed generously to a wide range of causes, including education, healthcare, and the arts. His support for cultural institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Rockefeller University left a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of New York City and beyond.

Despite his considerable wealth and influence, David Rockefeller was known for his humility and modesty. He eschewed the trappings of excess and lived a relatively modest lifestyle compared to other members of his social circle. He was a devoted family man, cherishing time spent with his wife, Margaret McGrath, and their six children. David Rockefeller passed away on March 20, 2017, at the age of 101, leaving behind a legacy that stretched across the worlds of finance, diplomacy, and philanthropy. He will be remembered as a towering figure in American history, whose contributions shaped the course of modern society and whose influence continues to be felt around the world.

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