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The Postman - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1993
Glory Season - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 1993
Startide Rising - Masterpieces of Science Fiction - 1994
Brightness Reef - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1995
Infinity's Shore - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1996
Heaven's Reach - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1998
Foundation's Triumph - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 1999

Author David Brin

David Brin, born on October 6, 1950, in Glendale, California, is an American science fiction author, astrophysicist, and futurist. With a diverse background that spans science, literature, and advocacy, Brin has become known for his thought-provoking and imaginative works that explore complex themes within the realm of speculative fiction. Brin's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science degree in astrophysics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1973. He later earned a Master of Science in applied physics from the University of California, San Diego, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in space science from the University of California, San Diego.

While pursuing his scientific interests, Brin developed a parallel passion for writing. He gained recognition with his first novel, Sundiver (1980), part of the Uplift series. The series explores a universe where advanced races uplift less developed species to sentience, and it received critical acclaim for its imaginative world-building and intricate storytelling. One of Brin's most celebrated works is The Postman (1985), a post-apocalyptic novel that tells the story of a man who, in a world devastated by war, assumes the role of a postman and inadvertently becomes a symbol of hope and inspiration. The novel was adapted into a film in 1997.

Uplift Trilogy

David Brin's Uplift Universe is a science fiction series that explores a future where different species have the ability to uplift other species to sentience. The concept of uplift is central to the series, representing the act of genetically and intellectually enhancing a pre-sentient species to make them fully sapient and capable of participating in galactic civilization. The series begins with Sundiver (1980), the first book in the Uplift Trilogy, although other novels and short stories set in the Uplift Universe expand upon the richly imagined world. The story follows a human investigator, Jacob Demwa, as he participates in a mission to the sun to investigate a mysterious death. This novel introduces the concept of uplift and sets the stage for the broader series. Startide Rising (1983) This novel, which won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, takes place on a spaceship crewed by a mix of humans and uplifted dolphins and explores their struggles and adventures as they uncover an ancient and powerful artifact. The Uplift War (1987) This book is set on the planet Garth, where humans and their uplifted allies face an invasion by a hostile alien species. It explores themes of war, alliances, and the complexities of interspecies relationships.

Second Uplift Trilogy

Brightness Reef (1995), Infinity's Shore (1996), and Heaven's Reach (1998): These three novels make up the second Uplift Trilogy. The story is set on a distant planet, Jijo, where a variety of species, including humans and their uplifted clients, have settled in secret, defying the intergalactic rules. The trilogy follows the inhabitants of Jijo as they navigate political intrigue, environmental challenges, and the threat of discovery.

The Uplift Universe is characterized by its intricate world-building, diverse alien species, and exploration of themes such as genetic engineering, interspecies relationships, and the ethical implications of uplifting. David Brin's series has been well-received for its imaginative scope and its ability to blend scientific ideas with compelling storytelling.

In addition to his novels, Brin has written numerous short stories and essays, exploring a wide range of topics, including the impact of technology on society, privacy, and the possibilities of the future. His interest in the intersection of science, ethics, and society is evident in works like The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom? (1998), where he discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by advancing technologies. Beyond his writing, David Brin has been active in promoting scientific literacy and advocating for open dialogue on important issues. His works often reflect a deep concern for the ethical implications of technological progress and the need for responsible stewardship of the future.

David Brin's contributions to both science and science fiction have earned him a respected place in the literary and scientific communities. His ability to blend scientific expertise with imaginative storytelling has made him a compelling voice in the realm of speculative fiction.

The Postman

A timeless novel as urgently compelling as Warday or Alas, Babylon, David Brin's The Postman is the dramatically moving saga of a man who rekindled the spirit of America through the power of a dream, from a modern master of science fiction.
The Postman is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel written by David Brin. Published in 1985, the novel is set in a future United States devastated by war and societal collapse. The story follows an unnamed protagonist, referred to as Gordon Krantz, who stumbles upon a dead postman and appropriates his uniform and mailbag. Taking on the symbolic role of a postman, he travels from settlement to settlement, bringing hope and a sense of connection to communities that have lost touch with each other.

As the postman travels, the lie he initially tells about a restored government in the East grows into a powerful symbol of hope for the people he encounters. The character's actions inadvertently spark a movement that helps to rebuild a sense of unity and purpose in the shattered society.

The Postman explores themes of identity, leadership, and the importance of symbols in shaping collective consciousness. It delves into the power of stories and myths to inspire people and provide a sense of purpose in challenging times. The novel received critical acclaim for its exploration of these themes and its poignant portrayal of the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity.

In 1997, the novel was adapted into a film directed by and starring Kevin Costner. While the film deviates from the source material in several ways, the core premise of a postman symbolizing hope and renewal remains central to both versions. Despite mixed reviews for the film, David Brin's original novel continues to be regarded as a significant work in the post-apocalyptic science fiction genre.

He was a survivor and a wanderer who traded tales for food and shelter in the dark and savage aftermath of a devastating war. Fate touches him one chill winter's day when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker to protect himself from the cold. The old, worn uniform still has power as a symbol of hope, and with it he begins to weave his greatest tale, of a nation on the road to recovery.

Glory Season

Hugo and Nebula award-winning author David Brin is one of the most eloquent, imaginative voices in science fiction.  Now he returns with a new novel rich in texture, universal in theme, monumental in scope pushing the genre to new heights.

Young Maia is fast approaching a turning point in her life.  As a half-caste var, she must leave the clan home of her privileged half sisters and seek her fortune in the world.  With her twin sister, Leie, she searches the docks of Port Sanger for an apprenticeship aboard the vessels that sail the trade routes of the Stratoin oceans.

On her far-reaching, perilous journey of discovery, Maia will endure hardship and hunger, imprisonment and loneliness, bloody battles with pirates and separation from her twin.  And along the way, she will meet a traveler who has come an unimaginable distance and who threatens the delicate balance of the Stratoins' carefully maintained, perfect society....

Both exciting and insightful, Glory Season is a major novel, a transcendent saga of the human spirit.

Startide Rising - The Uplift Saga Book 2

David Brin's Uplift novels are among the most thrilling and extraordinary science fiction ever written. Sundiver, Startide Rising, and The Uplift War a New York Times bestseller together make up one of the most beloved sagas of all time. Brin's tales are set in a future universe in which no species can reach sentience without being "uplifted" by a patron race. But the greatest mystery of all remains unsolved: who uplifted humankind?

The Terran exploration vessel Streaker has crashed in the uncharted water world of Kithrup, bearing one of the most important discoveries in galactic history. Below, a handful of her human and dolphin crew battles armed rebellion and a hostile planet to safeguard her secret the fate of the Progenitors, the fabled First Race who seeded wisdom throughout the stars.

Brightness Reef - Uplift Storm Trilogy Book 1

David Brin's Uplift novels Sundiver, Hugo award winner The Uplift War, and Hugo and Nebula winner Startide Rising are among the most thrilling and extraordinary science fiction tales ever written. Now David Brin returns to this future universe for a new Uplift trilogy, packed with adventure, passion and wit.

The planet Jijo is forbidden to settlers, its ecology protected by guardians of the Five Galaxies. But over the centuries it has been resettled, populated by refugees of six intelligent races. Together they have woven a new society in the wilderness, drawn together by their fear of Judgment Day, when the Five Galaxies will discover their illegal colony.  Then a strange starship arrives on Jijo.  Does it bring the long-dreaded judgment, or worse a band of criminals willing to destroy the six races of Jijo in order to cover their own crimes?

Infinity's Shore - Uplift Storm Trilogy Book 2

For the fugitive settlers of Jijo, it is truly the beginning of the end. As starships fill the skies, the threat of genocide hangs over the planet that once peacefully sheltered six bands of sapient beings. Now the human settlers of Jijo and their alien neighbors must make heroic and terrifying choices. A scientist must turn against the benefactors she's been trained to love. A heretic must rally believers for a cause he never shared. And four youngsters find that what started as a simple adventure imitating exploits in Earthling books by Verne and Twain leads them to the dark abyss of mystery. Meanwhile, the Streaker, with her fugitive dolphin crew, arrives at last on Jijo in a desperate search for refuge. Yet what the crew finds instead is a secret hidden since the galaxies first spawned intelligence a secret that could mean salvation for the planet and its inhabitants… or their ultimate annihilation.

Heaven's Reach - Uplift Storm Trilogy Book 3

Winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards, David Brin brings his bestselling Uplift series to a magnificent conclusion with his most imaginative and powerful novel to date the shattering epic of a universe poised on the brink of revelation...or annihilation.

The brutal enemy that has relentlessly pursued them for centuries has arrived. Now the fugitive settlers of Jijo both human and alien brace for a final confrontation. The Jijoans' only hope is the Earthship Streaker, crewed by uplifted dolphins and commanded by an untested human.

Yet more than just the fate of Jijo hangs in the balance. For Streaker carries a cargo of ancient artifacts that may unlock the secret of those who first brought intelligent life to the Galaxies. Many believe a dire prophecy has come to pass: an age of terrifying changes that could end Galactic civilization.

As dozens of white dwarf stars stand ready to explode, the survival of sentient life in the universe rests on the most improbable dream of all that age-old antagonists of different races can at last recognize the unity of all consciousness.

Foundation's Triumph - The Second Foundation Trilogy Book 3

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is one of the highwater marks of science fiction.The monumental story of a Galactic Empire in decline and a secret society of scientists who seek to shorten the coming Dark Age with tools of Psycho-history, Foundation pioneered many themes of modern science fiction.Now, with the approval of the Asimov estate, three of today's most acclaimed authors have completed the epic the Grand Master left unfinished.

The Second Foundation Trilogy begins with Gregory Benford's Foundation's Fear, telling the origins of Hari Seldon, the Foundation's creator. Greg Bear's Foundation and Chaos relates the epic tale of Seldon's downfall and the first stirrings of robotic rebellion. Now, in David Brin's Foundation's Triumph, Seldon is about to escape exile and risk everything for one final quest-a search for knowledge and the power it bestows. The outcome of this final journey may secure humankind's future-or witness its final downfall...

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