Daphne du Maurier Books

Franklin Library Daphne du Maurier books:
Kiss Me Again Stranger - Collected Stories of the World's Greatest Writers - 1981
Rebecca - Library of Mystery Masterpieces - 1987


Kiss Me Again, Stranger: A Collection of Eight Stories, Long and Short
Includes Kiss Me Again, Stranger, The Birds, The Little Photographer, Monte Verita, The Apple Tree The Old Man, The Split Second and No Motive.

The characters in this spellbinding bestseller of stunning suspense are some of the most fascinating in modern fiction. They include the beguiling Madame la Marquise, who as an old woman decided to take her first lover; Anna, the beautiful young bride who discovers an Eden high atop a mountain; and an unforgettable young man who discovers his first love in a movie theater a girl doomed to kill. Each acts out for us in his secret passions in moments of powerful, suspenseful drama that haunt the reader!

Ancient, beautiful Manderley, between the rose garden and the sea, is the county's showpiece. Rebecca made it so even a year after her death, Rebecca's influence still rules there. How can Maxim de Winter's shy new bride ever fill her place or escape her vital shadow?

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