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Cory Efram Doctorow, born on July 17, 1971, in Toronto, Canada, is a prolific science fiction author, blogger, and digital rights activist. Known for his advocacy of open access to information and technology, Doctorow has become a prominent figure in both the literary and online spheres. Raised in a family that valued education and technology, Doctorow's early exposure to computers and science fiction set the stage for his later career. He attended the University of Toronto, where he studied under the influential theorist Marshall McLuhan. Doctorow's academic pursuits and early experiences with the nascent internet would strongly influence his later work. In the late 1990s, Doctorow co-founded the technology-focused weblog Boing Boing, which quickly became one of the most popular blogs on the internet. His involvement in digital culture, copyright issues, and online activism became integral to his identity.

As a science fiction author, Doctorow gained recognition for his ability to explore the societal implications of emerging technologies. His debut novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (2003), explores a post-scarcity world where reputation becomes a new form of currency. He continued to publish a series of critically acclaimed novels, including Eastern Standard Tribe (2004), Little Brother (2008), and Homeland (2013), which often tackle themes of surveillance, privacy, and civil liberties.


Walkaway is a science fiction novel written by Cory Doctorow, published in 2017. The novel explores themes of post-scarcity, social activism, and the impact of technology on society. In his characteristic style, Doctorow blends speculative fiction with social and political commentary. The story is set in a near-future world where the gap between the ultra-rich and the rest of society has widened to extreme levels. In response to economic inequality and oppressive corporate control, people start to walk away from the traditional system. They form self-sustaining, decentralized communities where they work together to build a more equitable and cooperative way of life. The novel follows a group of characters who choose to walk away and create their own society. The narrative weaves together their experiences, challenges, and the broader societal implications of the walkaway movement. As the characters navigate the complexities of this new world, they grapple with questions of power, identity, and the potential for positive change. Walkaway is not only a work of science fiction but also a reflection on contemporary issues such as income inequality, the gig economy, and the role of technology in shaping our lives. Doctorow explores the possibilities and challenges of a society where individuals are no longer bound by traditional economic structures and where collaborative efforts lead to transformative changes. Throughout the novel, Doctorow examines the tensions between utopian ideals and the practical challenges of building a better world. He explores the potential of technology to either reinforce existing power structures or enable people to challenge and reshape those structures.

Cory Doctorow is a strong advocate for Creative Commons licenses and the idea of making content freely available online. He has released many of his own works under Creative Commons licenses, allowing readers to access and share his books freely. In addition to his fiction, Doctorow has written extensively on topics related to copyright, intellectual property, and digital rights. He has been involved in various organizations and initiatives that promote a more open and equitable internet. Cory Doctorow's influence extends beyond his written works, as he remains an active commentator on the intersection of technology, culture, and society. His commitment to the principles of digital freedom and open access has earned him a dedicated following, and he continues to be a prominent and influential voice in the ongoing discussions about the future of technology and information in the digital age.


Overclocked - Stories of the Future Present

Cory Doctorow has been hailed as one of the freshest voices in science fiction, and this collection of intriguing novellas is yet another reason why.
Have you ever wondered what it's like to get bitten by a zombie? To live through a bioweapon attack? To have every aspect of your life governed by invisible ants? In Cory Doctorow's collection of novellas, he wields his formidable experience in technology and computing to give us mindbending sci-fi tales that explore the possibilities of information technology, and its various uses, run amok. Anda's Game is a spin on the bizarre new phenomenon of cyber sweatshops, in which people are paid very low wages to play online games all day in order to generate in-game wealth, which can be converted into actual money. Another tale tells of the heroic exploits of sysadmins-systems administrators-as they defend the cyberworld, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons. And yes, there is a story about zombies, too.


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