Gryphon Editions Classics of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The following are books published by Gryphon Editions in the Classics of Obstetrics and Gynecology Library. Included in the Classics of Obstetrics and Gynecology are books about pregnancy, child birth and midwifery . Each book in this series is bound in full genuine leather.

Note: Some titles may now be discontinued!

A Compendium of the Theory and Practice of Midwifery by Samuel Bard - 1990
The Principles of Gynecology by W Blair Bell - 1990
The Etiology, The Concept and the Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever by Ignac Fulop Semmelweis - 1990
Silver Sutures in Surgery ; together with Clinical notes on uterine surgery by  J Marion Sims - 1990
A Treatise on the Theory and Practice : A Collection of Preternatural Cases and Observations in Midwifery by William Smellie - 3 volumes - 1990
A Treatise on Etherization in Childbirth. : Illustrated by Five Hundred and Eighty-one Cases by Walter Channing - 1991
Outlines of Principal Diseases of Females by Fleetwood Churchill - 1991
Labor Among Primitive Peoples by George J Englemann - 1991
The Obliquely Contracted Pelvis Containing also an Appendix of the Most Important Defects of the Female Pelvis by Franz Karl Naegele - 1991
Maternal Mortality In Philadelphia 1931-1933 by Philip F. Williams - 1991
Operative Gynecology by Howard Kelly - 2 volumes - 1992
The Diseases of Women with Child : and in Child-bed by Francois Mauriceau - 1992
The Practice of Contraception : An International Symposium and Survey; Margaret Sanger and Hannah M Stone (editors) - 1992
Emmenologia by John Freind - 1993
The History of Ancient Gynaecology by W. J. Stewart McKay - 1993
A Directory for Midwives : or A Guide for Women in their Conception, Bearing, and Suckling their Children by Nicholas Culpeper - 1994
Clinical Memoirs on the Diseases of Women by Gustave Louis Richard Bernutz and Ernest Goupil - 1994
Medical Essays, 1842-1882 by Oliver Wendell Holmes - 1994
Observations on Obstetric Auscultation : With an Analysis of the Evidences of Pregnancy by Evory Kennedy - 1994
A Treatise on the Art of Midwifery by Elizabeth Nihell - 1994
The Byrth of Mankynde : Otherwise Named the Woman's Booke by Eucharius Rosslin - 1994
An Essay Towards a Complete New System of Midwifery, Theoretical and Practical / The Descriptions, Causes and Methods of Removing, or Relieving the
Disorders Peculiar to Pregnant and Lying-in Women by John Burton - 1995
Fecundity, Fertility, Sterility and Allied Topics by J Matthews (James Matthews) Duncan - 1995
Cases in Midwifery by William Giffard - 1995
Eternal Eve by Harvey Graham - 1995
A Treatise on Abdominal Palpations, As Applied to Obstetrics and Version by External Manipulations by A. Pinard - 1995
Contraception Its Theory, History and Practice : A Manual for the Medical and Legal Professions by Marie Carmichael Stopes - 1995
Extra-uterine Pregnancy by John S Parry - 1996
The Compleat Practice of Men and Women Midwives by Paul Portal - 1996
A Treatise on the Management of Pregnant and Lying-in Women, and the Means of Curing, but more Especially of Preventing the Principal Disorders to which they are Liable / Some new Directions Concerning the Delivery of the Child and Placenta in Natural Births by Charles White - 1996
The Expert Midwife : Or an Excellent and most Necessary Treatise on the Generation and Birth of Man by Jakob Ruff - 1997

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