Christopher Columbus Books

Easton Press Christopher Columbus books:
Journals and Other Documents on the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus - Books That Changed The World - Samuel Eliot Morison - 1990
Life and Voyages of Columbus - Samuel Eliot Morison - 1990 
Christopher Columbus Mariner - Samuel Eliot Morison - Library of Great Lives - 1990
Admiral of the Ocean Sea, A Life of Christopher Columbus (2 volumes) - Samuel Eliot Morison - 1991
Franklin Library Christopher Columbus books:
Admiral of the Ocean Sea - Samuel Eliot Morison - 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature - 1978
Admiral of the Ocean Sea - Samuel Eliot Morison - Pulitzer Prize Classics - 1985
Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus
Telling the story of the greatest sailor of them all, "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" is a vivid and definitive biography of Columbus that details all of his voyages that, for better or worse, changed the world.

Not content merely to offer a dry recitation of the events & facts of Columbus' life, Samuel Eliot Morison decided to embark on the bold adventure of navigating the sea in Columbus' route, as far as it could be reconstructed. With the support of a number of enthusiastic colleagues, he organized the Harvard Columbus Expedition & began to map out his course. Every effort was made to duplicate the atmosphere & conditions encountered by Columbus, from the ships themselves to the methods of navigation. In the late summer of l939, almost 450 years after Columbus's own historic voyages, Morison & crew set sail. The result was this Pulitzer Prize-winning account of Christopher Columbus the man, the sailor, the father of the modern New World. You will have the opportunity to see as he did. Columbus' journeys unfold before you with a trenchant commentary & vividness only made possible by the experience of a man who has traveled the same path. Historic observations involving weather patterns, birds & sea life, as well as the various lands & people that Columbus encountered, are examined with a great depth of feeling.

This book Presents Columbus in a realistic and non-idealised manner. It logically disputes theories that have been used to disparage Columbus, yet honestly portrays his treatment of the native Americans he encountered. Having spent 2 years travelling the sea routes that Columbus pioneered you get a sense of the adventure, excitement and boredom that Columbus and his men must of felt. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. 

Christopher Columbus, Mariner
One of the great adventure tales of all time, this is the breathtaking story of Christopher Columbus, the canny and skillful Genoese sailor who set out to explore the Indies and discovered the New World instead! Columbus's journeys in tiny ships across thousands of miles of unknown oceans, battling all kinds of weather and often dealing with unruly crews, are among the most significant achievements of recorded history.


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