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Peanuts 2000 - 2000
It's a Dog's Life, Snoopy - 2001
A Peanut’s Christmas - 2002
A Peanut's Valentine - 2003
The Complete Peanuts Fifties 1950-1960 - 5 volume set - 2004
Who's On First, Charlie Brown? - 2004
Trick Or Treat A Peanuts Halloween - 2005
A Charlie Brown Christmas The Making Of A Tradition - 2005
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - 2006

Peanuts books by other authors

The Parable of Peanuts & The Gospel According To Peanuts by Robert L. Short - 2002 / 2003

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz

Charles Monroe Schulz, born on November 26, 1922, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, would go on to become one of the most influential and beloved cartoonists in the history of American comics. From a young age, Schulz displayed a keen interest in drawing, and his artistic talents began to blossom early on. After serving in the United States Army during World War II, Schulz pursued his passion for cartooning. In 1950, he introduced the world to the Peanuts gang through his comic strip, Peanuts. The strip featured a cast of endearing characters, with the perennially optimistic but perpetually unlucky Charlie Brown at its center. Snoopy, the imaginative beagle, and a host of other distinctive characters like Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder soon became household names. Peanuts quickly gained widespread popularity, resonating with readers of all ages. Schulz's ability to capture the humor and poignancy of everyday life, as well as his exploration of complex themes through the lens of children, set his work apart. The strip became a cultural phenomenon, syndicated in thousands of newspapers and translated into numerous languages.

Schulz's artistic style was characterized by simple, expressive lines, and his storytelling was marked by wit, wisdom, and a deep understanding of human nature. Despite its childlike appearance, Peanuts delved into profound topics such as the search for meaning, the challenges of friendship, and the resilience required to navigate life's disappointments. Snoopy, with his iconic doghouse fantasies of being a World War I Flying Ace, became one of the most beloved characters in the strip. Schulz's creation extended beyond the comic pages to television, with animated specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas becoming timeless classics.

Throughout his career, Schulz received numerous accolades, including the Reuben Award and the National Cartoonists Society's Humor Comic Strip Award. His impact on the world of cartooning was recognized with the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award. Charles M. Schulz continued to produce Peanuts until his retirement in 2000. Sadly, he passed away on February 12, 2000, just one day before the final Peanuts strip was published. His legacy lives on not only through the timeless characters he created but also in the hearts of generations who found solace, joy, and inspiration in the world of Peanuts. Schulz's ability to blend humor with profound insights into the human condition ensures that his contributions to the art of cartooning remain eternally


Peanuts, the iconic comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz, first graced the pages of newspapers on October 2, 1950, and went on to become one of the most beloved and enduring contributions to American popular culture. Born out of Schulz's innate talent for drawing and storytelling, Peanuts introduced readers to a cast of endearing characters, each with their own distinctive personalities and quirks. At the heart of the strip was Charlie Brown, a lovable but perpetually hapless character who faced life's challenges with a blend of optimism and resilience. Charlie Brown's eternal quest for success, often thwarted by Lucy's football antics, his struggles with the "kite-eating tree," and the ever-elusive victory in a baseball game, endeared him to readers worldwide.


Snoopy, Charlie Brown's imaginative beagle, added a whimsical and fantastical dimension to Peanuts. Snoopy's alter egos, from the sophisticated author to the daring World War I Flying Ace, showcased Schulz's creativity and the strip's ability to seamlessly blend reality and imagination. The supporting cast featured a range of memorable characters, including Lucy, the assertive and opinionated friend; Linus, her philosophical and blanket-toting brother; Schroeder, the precocious piano prodigy; and Peppermint Patty, the athletic but academically challenged girl. Each character brought a unique perspective to the strip, contributing to its rich tapestry of humor, insight, and emotion.

Whether he's the World War I Flying Ace battling the Red Baron or Joe Cool, the sunglasses-wearing, too-cool-for-school character, Snoopy's vivid imagination and playful antics are central to the charm of the Peanuts strip.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a timeless symbol of innocence, resilience, and the everyday struggles of life. Born on October 2, 1950, when the first Peanuts comic strip was published, Charlie Brown quickly became the heart and soul of Schulz's beloved comic universe. Charlie Brown is characterized by his round head, zigzag-patterned shirt, and his endearing, if somewhat melancholic, personality. As the central figure in Peanuts, Charlie Brown experiences a multitude of challenges, yet he faces each setback with a remarkable sense of optimism. One of Charlie Brown's most enduring traits is his unwavering hope and determination, even in the face of constant adversity. Whether trying to kick a football held by Lucy, managing a baseball team that can't seem to win a game, or grappling with self-doubt, Charlie Brown remains an emblem of perseverance.

Despite his struggles, Charlie Brown is surrounded by a cast of friends who, each in their own way, contribute to the charm of Peanuts. Linus, his blanket-toting and philosophical friend; Lucy, the assertive and sometimes bossy companion; Snoopy, the imaginative beagle with his own set of adventures—all these characters play significant roles in Charlie Brown's world. Linus's unwavering friendship and philosophical insights, Snoopy's whimsical antics, and the rest of the gang contribute to the humor and warmth of the Peanuts universe. Charlie Brown's interactions with these characters often highlight the complexities of friendship, the search for identity, and the enduring power of hope.

Charles M. Schulz continued to feature Charlie Brown in Peanuts until his retirement in 2000. Schulz's ability to infuse humor, wisdom, and relatability into Charlie Brown's character has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Charlie Brown's enduring popularity extends beyond the comic strip to animated specials, merchandise, and a legacy that continues to resonate with audiences of all ages, making him an enduring and beloved figure in the world of comics.

Peanuts stood out not only for its engaging characters but also for its exploration of deep, universal themes. Schulz fearlessly tackled issues such as the complexities of friendship, the search for meaning, the challenges of growing up, and the enduring power of hope. The strip's deceptively simple art style, characterized by clean lines and expressive characters, belied its ability to convey profound truths about the human condition. The success of Peanuts extended beyond the comic strip. Schulz adapted his characters into animated television specials, starting with the timeless A Charlie Brown Christmas in 1965. These specials became annual traditions, enchanting audiences with their heartwarming stories and Vince Guaraldi's memorable musical compositions.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a beloved animated television special that first aired on December 9, 1965. Created by Charles M. Schulz and directed by Bill Melendez, the special has become a holiday classic, cherished by generations for its timeless themes, memorable characters, and Vince Guaraldi's iconic jazz score. The storyline revolves around the Peanuts gang, led by the lovable but often melancholic Charlie Brown. As Christmas approaches, Charlie Brown becomes disheartened by the commercialism surrounding the holiday. He is determined to find the true meaning of Christmas and overcome the prevailing materialism. One of the central plot points involves Charlie Brown being appointed as the director of the school Christmas play. However, his attempts to bring meaning to the production are met with resistance, particularly regarding the choice of a small, scrawny Christmas tree as the centerpiece.

The story takes a heartwarming turn when Linus, Charlie Brown's philosophical friend, recites a passage from the Gospel of Luke, emphasizing the true spirit of Christmas. This poignant moment helps Charlie Brown and his friends recognize the importance of love, friendship, and the simple joys of the season. In addition to its heartfelt message, A Charlie Brown Christmas is celebrated for its distinctive animation style, charming characters like Snoopy and his decorated doghouse, and the inclusion of Guaraldi's enchanting musical score, featuring the iconic Linus and Lucy theme.

Despite initial concerns from network executives about its unconventional aspects, A Charlie Brown Christmas received critical acclaim and won an Emmy Award. Over the years, it has continued to be broadcast annually during the holiday season, captivating new audiences and evoking nostalgia for those who grew up with the Peanuts gang. The special's enduring popularity has led to various home video releases, merchandise, and even stage adaptations. A Charlie Brown Christmas remains a cherished part of holiday traditions for many, symbolizing the enduring appeal of Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters and their timeless messages of friendship, kindness, and the true spirit of Christmas.

A Peanut's Valentine

In the Peanuts Valentine's Day specials, characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the gang often explore themes of love, friendship, and the ups and downs of relationships. These specials typically include humorous and heartfelt moments, capturing the spirit of Valentine's Day with Schulz's signature blend of humor and poignant insights into human emotions. One of the notable Valentine's Day-themed specials is Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, which originally aired on January 28, 1975. In this special, Charlie Brown receives no valentines at the school party, and Linus convinces him to celebrate the holiday with his little sister, Sally. These Peanuts specials, whether related to Valentine's Day or other occasions, have become timeless classics, resonating with audiences of all ages. The characters' relatable experiences and Schulz's ability to infuse humor and warmth into his storytelling contribute to the enduring popularity of these animated specials.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Charles M. Schulz created several Peanuts comic strips and animated specials centered around Halloween. One notable Halloween-themed Peanuts special is titled It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown first aired on October 27, 1966, and has since become a classic Halloween tradition for many. In this special, the Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween with various activities, including trick-or-treating, attending a Halloween party, and awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

The storyline revolves around Linus, who believes in the Great Pumpkin, a mythical figure he thinks rises from the pumpkin patch to bring presents to sincere and believing children on Halloween night. While Linus waits in the pumpkin patch, the rest of the gang engages in their Halloween festivities. The special captures the humor and charm of Peanuts, as well as the endearing quirks of each character. Snoopy, in particular, adopts different personas, such as the World War I Flying Ace, as he navigates the Halloween adventures. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown has become a beloved part of Halloween traditions, and its enduring popularity has led to regular broadcasts during the Halloween season. The special is known for its nostalgic feel, memorable characters, and the heartfelt messages characteristic of Charles Schulz's work.


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