Carl Sandburg Books

Easton Press Carl Sandburg books

Abraham Lincoln - The Praire Years and The War Years (6 volume biography set)

Franklin Library Carl Sandburg books

Abraham Lincoln - 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature - 1978
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years - 20th Century's Greatest Books - 1981
Complete poems of Carl Sandburg - Pulitzer Prize Classics - 1985

Carl Sandburg biography

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) was an American poet, author, and historian who was born in Galesburg Illinois. He served in the Spanish-American War before attending Lombard College without graduating. After leaving Lombard College, he moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin where he served as secretary to the Mayor. It was in Wisconsin that Sandburg met and married his wife Lilian with whom he had three children. Following this time in Wisconsin, Carl Sandburg moved first to Michigan and then to Chicago Illinois where he worked at the Chicago Daily News. It was in Chicago that wrote his famous collection titled Chicago Poems in 1915. It was these poems that first earned him credit as a poet. While living in Chicago he continued to write numerous poems and numerous other works. Following this period he returned to Michigan, and finally moved to North Carolina where he remained for the rest of his life.

Carl Sandburg is famous for both his poetry and his remarkable biography of President Abraham Lincoln. This six volume biography was written in two stages with the first being Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years (in 2 volumes), and the second being Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (in 4 volumes). The biography is widely considered the most thorough collection of information and material on Abraham Lincoln available. Carl Sandburg was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the biography in 1940, along with a following Pulitzer Prize he received for his poetry.

Among the many biographies, children's books, novels, essays, folk music collections, and poetry collections by Sandburg are the following titles:
In Reckless Ecstasy - 1904
Chicago Poems - 1915
Cornhuskers - 1918
Clarence Darrow of Chicago - 1919
Smoke and Steel - 1920
Slabs of the Sun Burnt West - 1922
Rootabaga Pigeons - 1923
The American Songbag - 1927
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years - 1928
Good Morning American - 1928
Abe Lincoln Grows Up - 1928
Potato Face - 1930
Early Moon - 1930
Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow - 1932
The People, Yes - 1936
Abraham Lincoln: The War Years - 1939
Home Front Memo - 1943
Remembrance Rock - 1948
Lincoln Collector : the story of the Oliver R. Barrett Lincoln collection - 1949
The New American Songbag - 1950
Complete Poems - 1950
Always the Young Strangers - 1953
Prairie-town boy - 1955
Sandburg Range - 1957
Wind Song - 1960
Harvest Poems - 1960
Honey and Salt - 1963

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