Books About Ships and Naval History

Leather bound books about ships including naval vessels, famous ships, nautical books, naval history, naval architecture and sailing.

Easton Press titles:

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Hornblower Classics by C. S. Forester - 11 volume set

A Most Fortunate Ship by Tyrone G. Martin - 1990

Classic Sail by Joseph Gribbins - 1998

Titanic: An Illustrated History - 2000

Titanic: The Last Great Images by Robert Ballard - 2009

Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas - 2010

Ocean by Robert Dinwiddie and Philip Eales - 2011

The Story of The Wreck of The Titanic, The Ocean's Greatest Disaster - 2012 Memorial Edition

Titanic by LIFE Magazine - 2013

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