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When I Was a Young Man - signed first edition - 2002

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Bob Kerrey, born on August 27, 1943, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a prominent American politician, Vietnam War veteran, and philanthropist. His life has been characterized by a blend of military service, public service, and advocacy for social causes. Kerrey's journey into the public spotlight began during his time at the University of Nebraska, where he distinguished himself as a student leader and athlete. In 1966, he volunteered for service in the United States Navy and was deployed to Vietnam as a Navy SEAL.

During his service in Vietnam, Kerrey earned the Medal of Honor for his actions during a daring nighttime raid on a Viet Cong stronghold in 1969. Despite sustaining serious injuries, Kerrey displayed exceptional bravery and leadership under fire, saving the lives of his fellow SEALs and earning the nation's highest military honor. After returning from Vietnam, Kerrey embarked on a career in public service, serving as the Governor of Nebraska from 1983 to 1987. In 1989, he was elected to the United States Senate, where he represented Nebraska for two terms, from 1989 to 2001.

During his tenure in the Senate, Kerrey earned a reputation as a pragmatic and independent-minded legislator, known for his willingness to work across party lines to address pressing issues facing the nation. He played a key role in shaping policies related to healthcare, education, and veterans' affairs, drawing on his own experiences as a combat veteran to advocate for those who served in the military.

Following his retirement from politics, Kerrey remained active in public life, serving as the President of The New School, a university in New York City, from 2001 to 2010. He also continued his advocacy work on behalf of veterans and served on various boards and commissions dedicated to education, healthcare, and public policy. In addition to his public service, Kerrey has been involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes related to education, healthcare, and international development. His commitment to service and his dedication to improving the lives of others have made him a respected and admired figure in American public life.

When I Was a Young Man

Bob Kerrey's much-acclaimed and fascinating memoir tells the tale of a young boy's life in Nebraska, his journey as a young man into the dangers of Vietnam and the hospitals where he recovered from grievous injuries, and finally to the Nixon White House, where he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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