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Baseball Pitcher Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson, born on November 9, 1935, in Omaha, Nebraska, was an iconic American professional baseball pitcher who played his entire career with the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball (MLB). Widely regarded as one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the sport, Gibson's dominance on the mound left an indelible mark on the game. Gibson's journey to baseball stardom began in the racially segregated environment of the 1950s. He faced numerous challenges but eventually made his MLB debut with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1959. Over the course of his illustrious career, which spanned from 1959 to 1975, Gibson achieved numerous accolades and records.

Renowned for his fierce competitiveness, Gibson was a two-time Cy Young Award winner (1968 and 1970) and a nine-time Gold Glove Award winner for his exceptional fielding. His most outstanding season came in 1968 when he posted a 1.12 earned run average (ERA), considered one of the greatest single-season performances by a pitcher in modern baseball history. Gibson's dominance in 1968 prompted MLB to lower the pitcher's mound the following season in an attempt to balance the game. Gibson played a crucial role in the Cardinals' successes, helping them win two World Series championships in 1964 and 1967. His performances in World Series games were particularly legendary, earning him the World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in both championship years.

Beyond his on-field accomplishments, Gibson was a key figure in the players' union and played a role in reshaping the landscape of professional baseball. His impact extended beyond the game, influencing future generations of players. Bob Gibson retired from professional baseball in 1975, and he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981 in his first year of eligibility. After his playing career, he worked as a pitching coach and later as a television commentator. Bob Gibson battled pancreatic cancer in his later years and passed away on October 2, 2020. His legacy in baseball endures not only through his remarkable statistics but also through his tenacity, leadership, and the lasting impact he had on the sport. He remains an iconic figure in the history of baseball.

How fast did Bob Gibson throw?

Bob Gibson was known for his powerful and intimidating pitching style. While there is some variation in estimates, it is generally believed that Gibson's fastball could reach speeds in the mid-to-high 90s mph (miles per hour). During his prime years in the 1960s, radar gun technology was not as prevalent and precise as it is today, making it challenging to provide an exact measurement of his pitching speed.

Gibson's aggressive and dominant pitching style, combined with his exceptional control and a variety of pitches, made him one of the most feared pitchers of his era. His remarkable career and impact on the game led to his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981.


Stranger to the Game - The Autobiography of Bob Gibson

Hall of Famer Bob Gibson fires off a no-holds-barred reflection on his life in baseball. From Gibson's early days in the Jim Crow South to his glory days as a World Series-winning pitcher, Stranger to the Game is the candid memoir of one of the game's greatest pitchers and most outspoken black players.

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