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Easton Press Art Buchwald books:
I'll Always Have Paris - signed first edition - 1996
We'll Laugh Again - signed first edition - 2002


I'll Always Have Paris: A Memoir
In 1948, an American innocent named Art Buchwald set sail for Paris, France, determined to crash Hemingway's moveable feast and make himself famous. What's more, he did it.

Now he remembers those golden years when he wrote for the Paris Herald Tribune, fell in love, spoofed Hemingway, dined with gangsters, and crashed costume balls in Venice. Everything that has made Buchwald one of the world's best loved writers is in this funny, enchanting, poignant book.

We'll Laugh Again
Since 1962, Art Buchwald has been by our side through the great tragicomedy of American life cracking jokes, pestering politicians, and sharing his wisdom.

A pain in the neck to every president from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush, Buchwald knows irony when he sees it, and he sees it almost everywhere in Bush, Clinton, drug companies, tax cuts, class relations, and Viagra. With this new collection of columns, he reminds us that in this crazy world, at least we can look forward to the next good laugh.

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