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The Music of Silence - signed first edition - (co-authored by Stanislao G. Pugliese) 2001


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Andrea Bocelli, born on September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy, is a world-renowned Italian tenor, singer, and songwriter whose voice has captivated audiences worldwide. His life story is one of resilience, talent, and a remarkable journey from humble beginnings to international acclaim. Bocelli was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at a young age and completely lost his sight after a soccer accident at the age of 12. Despite facing this significant challenge, his passion for music remained undeterred. Encouraged by his family, Bocelli began studying the piano and later the flute, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, and drums. His exceptional musical abilities earned him a scholarship to the University of Pisa, where he studied law. However, Bocelli's true calling was in opera and classical music. He started his formal vocal training with renowned tenor Franco Corelli and continued his studies with other notable teachers. His breakthrough came in 1992 when he won the preliminary round of the Sanremo Music Festival with the song Miserere, performed with Italian rock star Zucchero. This marked the beginning of his rise to international fame.

Andrea Bocelli's powerful and emotive tenor voice has made him a prominent figure in the world of classical and crossover music. His repertoire spans a wide range of genres, from opera and classical to pop and contemporary music. Some of his most iconic songs include Con te partirò (Time to Say Goodbye), a duet with Sarah Brightman, and Vivo per lei (I Live for Her). Over the years, Bocelli has collaborated with numerous artists, crossing musical boundaries and gaining a diverse fan base. He has released numerous albums, many of which achieved international success and garnered critical acclaim. Notable among them is Romanza, one of the best-selling albums by a classical artist.

Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye was originally released as a single in 1996 and later included in Bocelli's album Romanza. The original version of the song, titled Con te partirò (meaning "I will leave with you" in Italian), was performed solely by Andrea Bocelli in 1995. The English-language version, Time to Say Goodbye, features both Bocelli and Brightman and became an international hit. The lyrics were written by Lucio Quarantotto and Francesco Sartori. The song blends classical and pop elements and has been widely praised for the vocal performances of Bocelli and Brightman. Time to Say Goodbye has been used in various contexts, including as a soundtrack for events, commercials, and movies. The song's emotional and soaring melody has contributed to its popularity, making it one of Andrea Bocelli's most well-known and successful collaborations.

Beyond his musical achievements, Andrea Bocelli is actively involved in charitable work. His foundation, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, focuses on projects related to poverty, disability, and education. Andrea Bocelli's life and career are a testament to the power of perseverance, talent, and the transformative nature of music. His ability to convey deep emotions through his voice has made him a beloved and influential figure in the global music scene.

The Music of Silence - A Memoir

You don't have to be an opera fan to appreciate this beautifully written memoir by world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. Born among the vineyards of Tuscany, Bocelli was still an infant when he developed glaucoma. Music filtering into his room soothed the unsettled child. By the age of twelve he was completely blind, but his passion for music brought light back into his life.

Here Bocelli reveals the anguish of his blindness and the transcendent experience of singing. He writes about his loving parents, who nurtured his musical interests, the challenges of learning to read music in Braille and of competing in talent shows, his struggles with law school, and his desire to turn an avocation into a way of life. He describes falling in love and singing in piano bars until his big break in 1992, when a stunned Pavarotti heard him sing "Miserere." The international acclaim and success that have followed Bocelli ever since have done nothing to dull his sense of gratitude and wonder about the world. No classical music fan can afford to be without this engaging and humble memoir of a fascinating and triumphant star.

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