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Chronospace - Signed First Edition of Science Fiction - 2001
Coyote - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2002
Coyote Rising - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2004
Coyote Frontier - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2005
Spindrift - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2007
Galaxy Blues - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2008
Coyote Destiny - Signed First Editions of Science Fiction - 2010

Writer Allen Steele

Allen Mulherin Steele Jr., known professionally as Allen Steele, was born on January 19, 1958, in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an American science fiction writer renowned for his compelling storytelling, meticulous world-building, and exploration of themes ranging from space exploration to the human condition. Steele's passion for science fiction ignited during his childhood, fueled by an avid interest in space exploration and the works of authors such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert A. Heinlein. His early fascination with the genre eventually led him to pursue a career as a science fiction writer. Steele's literary career began in the 1980s, with the publication of his first short stories in science fiction magazines. His early works showcased his talent for crafting compelling narratives set against the backdrop of space exploration and colonization, earning him critical acclaim and establishing him as a rising star in the genre.

In 1989, Steele published his debut novel, Orbital Decay, the first installment in his acclaimed Near-Space series. Set in a future where humanity has established colonies in Earth's orbit, the series explores the challenges and adventures of life in space, blending hard science fiction with gripping storytelling and rich character development. Throughout his career, Steele has continued to produce a prolific body of work, including novels, short stories, and novellas that have garnered numerous awards and nominations within the science fiction community. His works often delve into themes such as the ethics of space exploration, the consequences of technological advancement, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Steele's contributions to the genre extend beyond his own writings. He has been an active member of the science fiction community, participating in conventions, workshops, and literary events. He has also served as an editor and anthologist, helping to shape the landscape of contemporary science fiction and championing emerging voices within the genre.

In addition to his fiction writing, Steele is known for his meticulous research and attention to scientific accuracy, ensuring that his stories are grounded in plausible science and technology. His commitment to realism and authenticity has earned him a dedicated following among science fiction readers and enthusiasts. Allen Steele's impact on the world of science fiction is undeniable, with his imaginative storytelling and thought-provoking themes leaving a lasting impression on readers and fellow writers alike. As he continues to explore the frontiers of space and the human imagination, Steele remains a visionary voice in the genre, inspiring audiences to dream of possibilities beyond the stars.

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