Alison Lurie

Alison Lurie

Franklin Library Alison Lurie books

Foreign Affairs - signed first edition - 1984
The Truth about Lorin Jones - signed first edition - 1988

Alison Lurie biography

Alison Lurie, born on September 3, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, was an American novelist and academic whose perceptive explorations of human relationships and social dynamics earned her critical acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize. Growing up in White Plains, New York, Lurie showed an early passion for literature and storytelling. She pursued her academic interests at Radcliffe College, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in 1947. Following this, she continued her studies at the University of Oxford, completing her Master's degree in 1948.

Lurie embarked on her writing career in the 1960s, with her debut novel, Love and Friendship, establishing her as a keen observer of human behavior. However, it was her fourth novel, Foreign Affairs, published in 1984, that brought her widespread recognition. The novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, delves into the lives of American academics in England, offering a witty and incisive exploration of love, ambition, and cultural differences. In addition to her success as a novelist, Lurie had a distinguished academic career. She joined the faculty at Cornell University, where she taught English literature for many years, earning a reputation as a respected scholar and critic.

Throughout her writing career, Lurie continued to produce novels, short stories, and children's books, each marked by her sharp wit, keen observations, and profound understanding of human nature. Her works often navigated the complexities of love, marriage, and societal norms with a blend of humor and insight. Alison Lurie's literary contributions have left a lasting impact on readers and writers alike. Her novels remain celebrated for their insightful exploration of human behavior and their ability to resonate with audiences across generations. Lurie passed away in 2020, leaving behind a rich legacy of literature that continues to inspire and captivate readers around the world.

Foreign Affairs

The Truth about Lorin Jones

Franklin Library Alison Lurie

Franklin Library Foreign Affairs

Signed Alison Lurie

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