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Brave New World

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Collected Short stories of Aldous Huxley - Collected Stories of the World's Greatest Writers - 1981

Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963) was a British writer, essayist, and critic, grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, and born in Godalming, Surrey. He was educated at English schools Eton College and Oxford University. In 1919 Aldous Huxley worked on the staff of the English magazine Athenaeum in London England, writing musical dramatic, and art criticism. He also, in 1929, started working as a dramatic critic on the English literary periodical the Westminster Gazette. In 1937 Aldous Huxley emigrated to the United States. The first book by Aldous Huxley Crome Yellow (1921) was followed, among others, by Antic Hay (1923), dealing with the effect of skepticism on life; Those barren Leaves (1925); Point Counter Point (1928), perhaps his most widely discussed fiction book; Brave New World (1932), one of his more famous books; Eyeless in Gaza (1936); After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (1939); The Genius and the Goddess (1955); Brave New World Revisited (1958); and Island (1962). Among Aldous Huxley's other books are volumes of essays On the Margin (1923), Jesting Pilate (1926), Proper Studies (1927), Music at Night (1931), The Olive Tree (1936), and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1956). Notable Aldous Huxley poetry books include The Burning Wheel (1916), Leda (1920), Arabia Infelix (1929), and The Cicadas (1931). The books of short stories by Aldous Huxley include Little Mexican and Other Stories (1924), Two or Three Graces (1926), and Brief Candles (1930). He is also the author of Grey Eminence (1941), a study of relations between politics and mystical religion, in the form of a biography of Father Joseph , coadjutor of the French ecclesiastic Cardinal Richelieu; The Art of Seeing (1942); Perennial Philosophy (1945); Science, Liberty and Peace (1946); Ape and Essence (1948); The Devils of Loudun (1952); The Doors of Perception (1954); Heaven and hell (1956); and Literature and Science (1963).

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