Dick Francis Books in Order

Dick Francis wrote numerous novels during his prolific career, and while his books are generally standalone mysteries, they often share common themes related to horse racing and the racing industry. 
Dick Francis
The following is a list of the most notable Dick Francis books in order.

Chronological order:

Dead Cert (1962)
Nerve (1964)
For Kicks (1965) also known as "Odds Against"
Flying Finish (1966)
Blood Sport (1967)
Forfeit (1969)
Enquiry (1970) also known as "Under Orders"
Rat Race (1970)
Bonecrack (1971)
Smokescreen (1972)
Slay-Ride (1973)
Knock Down (1974)
High Stakes (1975)
In the Frame (1976)
Risk (1977)
Trial Run (1978)
Whip Hand (1979)
Reflex (1980)
Twice Shy (1981)
Banker (1982)
The Danger (1983)
Proof (1984)
Break In (1985)
Bolt (1986)
Hot Money (1987)
The Edge (1988)
Straight (1989)
Longshot (1990)
Come to Grief (1995)
To the Hilt (1996)
10 lb Penalty (1997)
Field of Thirteen (1998) - A collection of short stories
Second Wind (1999)
Shattered (2000)
Driving Force (2007) - Written with his son, Felix Francis
Dead Heat (2007) - Written with his son, Felix Francis
Silks (2008) - Written with his son, Felix Francis
Even Money (2009) - Written with his son, Felix Francis

Please note that this list may not include every publication or may not account for various editions or reprints with alternate titles. Additionally, Dick Francis wrote some non-fiction works and collaborated with his son Felix on several novels after 2000.


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