The DC Comics Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded

Featuring the likes of Superman, Batman, The Joker and Catwoman, this book profiles all of DC Comics' superheroes and super-villains. It includes brand-new artwork of some of DC's most famous characters, as well as recalling famous story lines and battles.

A richly illustrated reference provides a definitive guide to all of the superheroes and archvillains of the DC universe, featuring more than one thousand different characters, including images from the original comic books, from the past sixty years of DC Comics.

Character Profiles

The encyclopedia features detailed profiles of a wide range of characters from the DC Universe. Each entry typically includes information on the character's origin, powers, affiliations, and significant story arcs.

Rich Visuals

Known for its visually appealing layout, the encyclopedia includes a plethora of comic book artwork, illustrations, and photographs. The visuals provide a vivid representation of the characters and their iconic moments.

Storyline Summaries

The book offers summaries and insights into major storylines, events, and crossover arcs within the DC Universe. This helps readers understand the interconnected narrative that spans various comic book series.

Creation and Publication History

Some entries provide historical context by delving into the creation and publication history of characters. This may include details about the first appearances of characters and the creative teams involved.

Cross-References and Index

To enhance usability, the encyclopedia often includes cross-references and an index. This allows readers to easily navigate the content and find information on specific characters, teams, or storylines.

Following the success of the first edition, the updated and revised DC Comics Encyclopedia offers even more incredible DC detail and imagery than the original. 48 brand-new pages include major updates on characters and story lines (including the recent "Infinite Crisis" story arc). This spectacular, up-to-the-minute encyclopedia will delight comic fans of every age.

Written by Scott Beatty, Daniel Wallace, Phil Jimenez, Robert Greenburger and Michael Teitelbaum


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