The Mayfair Trilogy by Anne Rice Signed Edition


In the heart of New Orleans, where history whispers through the centuries, Anne Rice invites readers into the mystical realm of the Mayfair witches. The saga unfolds like a tapestry woven with threads of magic, familial secrets, and the allure of the supernatural.

The narrative begins with The Witching Hour, where the Mayfair family's tangled history is unfurled. From the hauntingly beautiful Rowan Mayfair to the enigmatic Lasher, a supernatural entity entwined with the family's destiny, readers are drawn into a world where the line between the mundane and the mystical blurs.

The journey continues with Lasher and Taltos, the subsequent novels in the series, exploring the consequences of a pact made with dark forces. As the Mayfair witches grapple with their powers and the weight of ancient legacies, the narrative ventures beyond the familiar streets of New Orleans to far-reaching corners of the globe.

Anne Rice's evocative prose paints vivid portraits of characters who are both otherworldly and deeply human. The Mayfair Trilogy, or series, is a spellbinding exploration of love, power, and the consequences of delving into the forbidden realms of the supernatural.

Within the pages of these novels, readers encounter a world where the past intertwines with the present, and the Mayfair witches navigate the complexities of their heritage. From the mysterious corridors of the Mayfair mansion to the ethereal landscapes of dreams and nightmares, Anne Rice crafts a narrative that resonates with the echoes of forgotten enchantments and the enduring legacy of a powerful bloodline.

The Mayfair Trilogy, or series, stands as a testament to Anne Rice's ability to weave tales that captivate the imagination, inviting readers to lose themselves in the seductive dance between light and shadow, mortality and the infinite. As the mystique of the Mayfair witches unfolds, readers are beckoned into a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the ordinary becomes an intricate dance of destiny and desire.

From legendary author Anne Rice, comes a multi-generational saga of a family of witches based in New Orleans, and the spirit who haunts them. Anne Rice ranks among the most popular authors in the world today with book sales totaling close to 100 million copies. Lives of Mayfair Witches ranks among her richest work.
With The Witching Hour Personally signed by Anne Rice.

This is the exclusive Easton Press leather-bound signed edition of Anne Rice's dark and mythic story. Each book is bound in genuine leather and accented in 22kt gold. A complementary design ties the three volumes together. Among the luxurious features are gleaming gilded page ends, fabric end sheets, and a satin ribbon page marker. Pages are Smyth-sewn into the binding. The paper is acid neutral so the pages won't turn yellow or brittle over time. Books are printed and bound in the USA.
6 1/2" x 9 1/2"

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