The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid Leather Bound Book

Palladium Press edition of The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid by Sheriff Pat Garrett

Part of the Frontier Classics Library
Published 2007

 The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid is a book published in 1882 and purports to be the biography of the legendary American Old West outlaw, Billy the Kid. The book was written by Pat Garrett, a former sheriff who had a personal connection with Billy the Kid, having been involved in his arrest and subsequent killing.

Pat Garrett was the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico, and played a significant role in the Lincoln County War, a conflict between rival factions over economic control in the region. Billy the Kid, whose real name was Henry McCarty (or William H. Bonney), was a central figure in this conflict. Garrett, after being elected sheriff, eventually arrested Billy the Kid.

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid is based on Garrett's firsthand experiences and interactions with Billy the Kid. The book covers the outlaw's early life, his involvement in the Lincoln County War, and his various escapades, leading up to his eventual capture and killing by Garrett. It provides an account of the events from Garrett's perspective, offering insight into the life and personality of one of the West's most notorious figures.

While the book claims to present an authentic account, it's worth noting that historical accuracy and objectivity can be challenging to verify, especially given the personal and contentious nature of the events described. The narrative has been subject to scrutiny and criticism over the years, with some questioning the accuracy of certain details and Garrett's motivations in presenting his version of events.

Despite the debates surrounding its authenticity, Garrett's biography remains an essential primary source for those interested in the history and mythology of the American Old West and the figure of Billy the Kid. The book has contributed to shaping the enduring legend of this iconic outlaw.

Sheriff Pat Garrett tells the story of his confrontation with Billy the Kid in the pages of this extraordinary frontier classic!  This is an exact facsimile of the extremely rare first edition of 1882, published just one year after the Kid's death, and widely recognized as the most authoritative account of the life of one of the frontier's most colorful characters.

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