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leather bound books
Leather bound books dealer and resource for collectors. Online sales and
information about modern publishers of leather bound books.
We at Leather Bound Treasure have been a trusted
dealer and resource for collectors of leather bound
books since 2002.

It is our goal to promote leather bound book
collecting by providing detailed information about
publishers including the Easton Press, Gryphon
Editions, Palladium Press and Franklin Library.

Browse our lists of the major series produced by
each publisher or use our directory to find titles by
your favorite authors.

Discover the rewards of collecting modern leather
bound editions as so many visitors have before you.
The following are leather bound book publishers including The Easton Press,
Franklin Library, Gryphon Editions and Palladium Press. Additional listings of
notable book series are also provided.
Leather Bound Treasure
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Leather Bound Books