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Leather bound books about airplanes and flight including airforce topics, famous
planes, airplane reference and fictional stories.
Leather Bound Treasure
Books About
Airplanes and Flight
leather bound books
Easton Press titles:

Billy Mitchell; Crusader for Air Power by  Alfred F. Hurley - 1992 (Library of Military History)

The Command of the Air by  Giulio Douhet - 1994

First Air Campaign August 1914 - November 1918 by  Eric and Jane Lawson - 1997 (Great

America From the Air by Robert J. Moore Jr. - 2000

Air Force One - 2002 (reference)

Great Aviators and Epic Flights by Von Hardesty - 2002

Flight: 100 Years of Aviation - 2003 (reference)

Chronicle of Flight - 2005 (reference)

Military Aircraft Visual Encyclopedia - 2013

Franklin Library titles:

Gods of War by John Toland - 1985 (signed first edition)