Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Leather Bound Treasure sell books?
Yes we sell books through our online book store. Titles available are limited to what we
currently have in stock.

Question: Where can I purchase the leather bound books referred to on this site?
As previously stated, you can buy leather bound books from our online book store. Most of
our information pages also have direct links to for the books referred to. Sometimes you
can find the leather bound books referred to on this site at local used book stores. You will not
however find them at large chain book stores that sell only new books.

Question: What is the value of my leather bound book or set of books?
This can be a difficult question to answer because many factors play a role in the appraisal
of modern leather bound books. Here are some general factors to consider:
- Book's condition (example: new in publishers plastic or worn and damaged)
- Binding style (example: full leather bound or quarter bound leather)
- What series is the volume from? (modern leather bound book publishers produce the majority of
their books as part of a series such "100 greatest books of all time" and one series may be
more valuable to collectors than another)
- Is the book signed by the author? If so is it stated first edition? and is there a stated
limitation number?
- Current demand for the title or author. An example of this is when a new movie is released based
on the book title such as "In cold Blood by
Truman Capote" or "Interview with the Vampire by
Anne Rice" When this happens the value will usually increase, and this increase can be only
- The popularity of the author can play a tricky role in values as one title by an author can hold
a much lower value than another title by the same author.
- The publisher is also an important consideration as an Easton Press volume can carry a
different value than the same title produced by the Franklin Library. This is mostly due to
the taste of collectors because many collectors prefer editions from one publisher over

While antique books often have estimated values published by appraisers, modern leather bound
books do not usually have such appraisals. In our opinion the most accurate way to estimate the
current value of leather bound books is to compare them to other copies listed for sale online.

Question: Does Leather Bound Treasure buy books?
No we are not currently seeking to acquire books or sell books on consignment.

Question: How and where can I sell my book / books?
By far the most common place for private sellers to sell books is EBay. Another place are buy
and sell websites such as Craigslist. These buy and sell sites are generally simpler to use, but they
present to a smaller audience of buyers.

If you are planning on selling your set of books, an important consideration is selling the set whole vs.
selling the books as separate volumes. Often you will receive more by selling each book separate
opposed to selling the set complete, however this involves much more time and effort.

If you did not find the answer to your question above please feel free to
contact us. Remember your questions and comments about leather
 bound books and our site help us improve this site for all collectors.

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